Command on Demand

I have to admit I am very loyal and promote Command Antivirus highly. It has been my exclusive choice on important computers since 1997. I have used competitors' products on non-critical easily replaceable computers so that I can test and "say" I have experience with them for resumes.

While Command Antivirus is not perfect I trust no other antivirus product more to detect and stop viruses on my computers and networks. I have purposely visited infected sites (nimda) and attempted to open infected files (the list is long) as proof to myself and others of its effectiveness and dependability.

Our file server was getting between 20 and 80 infected files daily (I was using my workstation to scan and clean the file server daily before we purchased Command). The first week we switched from (McAfee) to Command it cleaned over 1500 viruses from our Exchange server alone. I found 2 servers infected with the SubSeven Trojan and commonly find viruses on workstations after updating them and scanning with Command. Many of the viruses I find are old common viruses such as Ethan and the NoNO macro viruses which should have been cleaned along time ago. We have a small staff and since we have to uninstall the old antivirus software first, the deployment on the workstations is taking a long time and is on an as needed or as come across basis. I have updated our images so that all new or reimaged workstations are protected. I have all my servers protected which helps reduce reinfections and new infections.

We purchased the platinum support and I call when ever I have a problem or issue. I have not to this date had to call tech support in regards to a virus emergency. In my experience I have had one workstation get reinfected after installing Command but I believe the cause was a misdisinfected virus from the previous antivirus software. The workstation needed to be upgraded from 9x to NT anyway and has not had a problem since.

In short and to end this novel. If your primarily concern is peace of mind when it comes to keeping viruses off your computers I do not think there is product more reliable product than Command Antivirus.
R. S.
NT Administrator - MCSE, A+
Corporate Customer

In the 2 or 3 months before we installed Command Software's Anti-Virus solution on our Linux Mail Server, we were swamped with viruses hitting numerous schools in our division. Since installing Command Software's solution, we have had NOT ONE call regarding viruses from any of our schools!

The service has been tremendous! I can usually expect an answer back via email moments after I send an email! Thanks Command Software! Looking forward to continued virus freedom!
Academic Customer

I must say I am pleased with the performance of Command Software. We experienced a problem with a nasty virus, which in turn left us treading water as the previous Anti-Virus being used provided inadequate protection. Our situation was somewhat unique (i.e. we were advised that a cd of the anti-virus would be sent to us as part of our purchase, but in turn was never sent) and we were unable to do a clean install due to the file server itself becoming infected. The AV company we were working with was unable to provide us with a link to download their AV software because they had a new product coming out.

Being extremely disappointed with the assistance, I opted to look for an AV that could help rectify our problem. The results from the Anti-Virus testing from was a big help in actually seeing which product could do what it claimed. After establishing a contact with your company, your willingness to assist us by providing us with a temp user/pw to evaluate your product was of extreme help. Not only did your product help bring about a closure to our virus problem but your Online Scanner caught 2 viruses on different machines that the other AV missed. Hence we have switched over every system in our small office complex to your product. Thank you once again, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your help and support. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in my behalf. An excellent product with an even better support staff. Again my thanks.
K. H.

Thanks for your follow-up. We seem to have this under control for now.
The good news is that my comparisons of Norton and Command for my NT servers came in real favorable for Command. I found Command to be faster, easier to use and load. Norton did have a little better reporting but the overhead and additional cost outweigh these benefits.
Thanks for checking in,
M. H.

We're tickled pink! I haven't spent one moment resolving virus problems since we installed Command. I just passed your name along to a friend down in San Ramon.

Everything is going fine. We had to add a few licenses to our original order recently since the number of office staff increased. The best thing is that Command Software Antivirus was able to detect a few viruses before doing damage to our system and it hasn't given us the bootup headaches that McAfee gave us with our Windows NT network.

I purchased Command and found out I was infected with 4 viruses! Norton did not even detect them. Thank you!!
K & S

This is a good sign -- an email from me from our email server!!!!! I am slowly getting computers back online to see if all is ok... we have hit almost every computer in our district and have removed viruses from some and installed COMMAND ANTIVIRUS on all!!! All seems to be working well.. Thank you for your help -- I will be calling you soon about setting up central control for the virus files... Thanx again...

Recently at one of our college's we removed Command Antivirus at the direction of the new President. We have Command Software's NT Server version running at all of our campuses. After approximately 2 months, the system started having Database problems. The Vendor suggested that we might have a virus problem on the server we had installed Norton's latest software on. We updated the software, reran it and the server came up clean. Still we were having problems. I uninstalled Norton then reinstalled Command Antivirus, the software located and disinfected over 300 virus, mostly love letter and a few others. Thanks guys.. We will never switch again.
Academic Customer

Thank you a thousand times over. We are now getting things under control. After almost a week of trying to download the latest version to combat the BLEBLA virus, we are getting machines under the protective blanket. Just had a few viruses ... nimda, blebla (60% of 150 machines), preboot, magistra ... Again thank you for making this contract possible.
Educational Customer
West Virginia

As in the subject, I'm well impressed with your product. As soon as it was up and running it detected a virus that two other AVs missed, SubSeven.backdoor.v21. With your clear Readme file and Help docs, I was able to rid myself of the nasty beast and I was quickly back on track, thank you.

Wanted to say "Thank you, John, for your help this morning!" And an additional 'thanks' for so courteously and patiently explaining to me what you were doing as you went along. It's one thing to get the problem fixed, it's an extra bonus to learn something in the process. I'll gladly tell anyone there what a fine job you did, just let me know who to tell!
Academic Customer

(This person was so pleased he responded twice) Morning, Vicky...! Thanks for taking care of us so quickly...Makes folks feel plumb important when you do that...!
Academic Customer

Danny, Thank you for your help and great support. This really means a lot to me and I'm sure other Command customers. Take care...
Home User

I tested your antivirus software recently by trying to download the test file from EICAR. And as I was downloading the file I was surprised that Command Antivirus popped up with a message box warning me that it was a virus. I was very impressed as I thought I had disabled the file checking option in Command to find that it was still protecting the system. I have another antivirus software on my system InoculateIT and that didn't detect the virus until I'd downloaded the virus and run InoculateIT to check it. I am very impressed with Command Antivirus.

Just thought you both would like to know that removing McAfee from our desktops alleviated all of our lock up and slowness problems on the workstations. Better yet removing McAfee from our servers eliminated all of the permission errors when saving any application documents to the network.

Thank you for the prompt response. I would like to add that I am very pleased with the new version of CSS 1.09.

After installing service pack 4 on the exchange and the newest version 4.6 - Everything is running perfect at our State University!

Thank you for your wonderful free on line virus scanner. We have had so much trouble with viruses; even had to re format the hard drive. Still we had trouble. Ran Trend PC-cillin and that let the MTX through, and then I bought McAfee (which I am far from happy with) and still we had viruses. Today I ran your system again and surprise, surprise, it found the kak.hta which we all though had been eradicated. Thank you again. Next time I will buy your software.
Home User

Thank you so much for your support and efforts for us, especially in the times I needed help before we purchased the product!! Now our email system is running smoothly and virus free thanks largely to your efforts and all of our machines are now in the process of being switched over. Please let your technical support staff know, too, that they have been very, very helpful. I am very pleased with your support so far and am very happy I made the choice for Command.
Corporate User

I wanted to follow up on the role you and Command played in helping me resolve a virus problem several weeks ago. After several attempts at contacting tech support, deciphering the installation instructions, navigating the set up of various components --- and then doing part of the procedure manually when a new virus was discovered --- my PC is finally bug free. Any suggestions I could make to help you simplify and streamline the process - including more direct instructions on your web site - I've already made. This message is to thank you for your patience and for helping a somewhat skeptical, non-paying potential customer to see the error of his ways. What this recent episode demonstrated to me was that viruses are a fact of life on line and sooner or later everyone is going to get one, no matter how careful they are. Your software is excellent. It is relatively unintrusive, priced low and it really works. I am a convert. I will continue to recommend Command highly to all my clients as the best way to protect themselves on line. Best of luck in the future from one Florida company to another.

Your online engine took care of my virus problem. A big thank you for that! I am most definitely purchasing an anti-virus device from you. You have superior products than your competitors. Once again, thank you.

Today everything has come together, and we are now running to my satisfaction. Each of you has been instrumental in getting us there and I gratefully appreciate you all sticking by me and my Corporation. My confidence level has risen considerably, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank each you for your support. The bottom line is that it's now installed and working very well. I can assure you I'll now sleep a whole lot sounder than I have these past two weeks!!
Corporate User

I have a great Command anti-virus program, installed last summer, on my Dell computer at the university.
University Student

I recently purchased the CSAV 1 (00-9002-01) and am very pleased with it! I was using Norton Anti-virus and it never detected the macro virus that I knew I had.
Home User

I want to Thank you for helping me with the Command Anti-Virus software application. When you provided the URL for the On-line manuals, it changed my opinion. We recently received written approval to renew our Anti-Virus software licenses.

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANKS!!!! I am still in the evaluation period of my product, but I have been so pleased to see you guys right on top of the latest viruses running rampant! I'd hear about it on the news, sign on, and there would be an e-mail from you letting me know the update for the latest "master of destruction" and how I could download it. Because of this excellent service I WILL purchase your software once my evaluation period is up! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

I would like to thank everyone at Command Software who helped in the macro def update today (Myna variant - virus 2466). In one afternoon I have taken 3 LANs with several hundred users down from nearly an 80% infected rate to close to 0%. Job well done!!

Hi, Rich. I wanted to tell you that Ted fixed a problem that I have been having for a while today (yesterday and today). He really helped me out with a difficult problem and stuck with it to the end. He should be congratulated!

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate that you have gone above and beyond for us on this one. The students also appreciate it!
Academic User

Thank you so much for all that you guys have done for me. I understand that you are very busy right now and I still got an answer to my question in a very timely manner. I am very impressed with Command Software's customer service. I would recommend you to anyone. :) Thanks again.

I don't know what the big flap is all about in the US. I have heard all kinds of reporters saying that big companies have shut down because "they are waiting for the anti-virus program to be WRITTEN so they can disinfect their computers." And these are the IT guys who are supposed to know what is going on. A computer-illiterate with cable modem and "always on" service allowed her Outlook pst to send ILOVEYOU to one of our computers. I ran COMMAND AV, it found the SKA.DLL and SKA.EXE and wiped them out. Took about 14 minutes. No problem. Had to run *.jpg.vbs to *.jpg on some of the image files, but so what? Get the word out that this wasn't even an upgraded install. It was right straight off your CD-ROM. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!
RE, M.D.

Our company utilizes several brands of Anti Virus Software, testing the effectiveness of each against the other. When the I LOVE YOU virus struck on May 4th, everyone here was scrambling to get our email, PC's, and the servers cleaned out so we could return to normal business. When I received your call concerning the virus, I was pleasantly surprised, and would like to personally thank you for the professionalism of your call and your efforts to help out in any way you could. Helping me to obtain the updated definition files from an overcrowded internet was exceptional. The surprising part and the secondary purpose of this email was to inform you that the other groups, who were testing the other brand of Anti Virus protection, could not get in touch with any representatives of the other companies or get on their web sites to obtain new files. In fact out of the 5 companies we use for these various tests, You were the only one that was concerned about our welfare and treated us as important customers. None of the other companies made an effort to contact us or assist us in any way. In short, I am making a recommendation to those I report to, that we should standardize all of our systems using the Command Software Anti Virus packages, in addition to retaining our current licenses. Your efforts are very much appreciated and I truly value your exceptional customer service.

During the past two years we have been extremely satisfied with Command Software. Both the software and your customer service have been outstanding. If you ever wish to use me as a reference for your products, I would be quite happy to oblige.

We (Department of Social and Health Services) are looking forward to another great year of service and products from Command Software!

You guys have such a great customer service that we had to let you know that fact. We won't name any names but if Symantec (I didn't say it) had half of your service life would be so much easier for us here. Thanks a million guys.
I am not sure who is supposed to get this, but, I called your office about a virus problem and was very impressed by your prompt response, and your kind and patient assistance to help me get rid of the virus. I am sorry I did not get the name of the fine gentleman who helped me this morning. I will be buying the anti virus software per his recommendation.

I downloaded and installed CSAV for Exchange v2.30 beta and have already disinfected 687 viruses on my 1035 user email server. I am very happy with this version and can't wait for the release.
Academic User

Recently, I had a student in a class I teach inform me that she had a virus on her computer. She attempted to contact McAfee, which the school uses for virus protection and they basically thumbed their nose at her. She then proceeded to call Norton, the maker of the virus protection she had on her system. They did the same. I recommended that she contact you for assistance, knowing from previous experience that you have always been friendly and extremely helpful. I discovered last night that my student's system is now free from virus, and the terrific job you did. Give yourselves a good pat on the back for another job well done.

I just thought that I would drop you a little Email message of what is going on in my little world. Well to begin with, I am a independent contractor doing computer consulting. I cover the Boston area and also the 128 belt, in Massachusetts most of my clients are some of the biggest companies world wide. The work that I do for my clients is dealing with setting them up in a LAN & LANWAN network environments, trouble shooting their laptops and desktop computers, resolving internet problems, and just all around emergency service calls. I was told about your product Command Anti-Virus, by another consultant that I work with. I have tried many other virus detection programs in my time, and I'll have to say that your product is top notch all around in every aspect. I have seen your software save the day many times so far since I have downloaded the trial version. I plan on next week purchasing the full version on cd from you folks. I have been highly recommending to my clients to try your product. The clients that have tried it so far have asked me to remove their existing anti-virus programs, especially McAffee, and to install your product on. I will drop you another email in about a week or two, just to let you know a little bit more about the companies that wish to have me help them out by getting your full version of Command Anti-Virus software for their companies. You should be very proud of your company's engineers and designers for putting together such a strong and reliable software package.

I want to say that in the several years that I've been dealing with you folks I have found Stan's help always to be top-notch providing answers to questions quickly and going well beyond the expected. He is a real gem and I very much appreciate all the help he has provided us.

We at the University were able to handle Y2K updates and correct problems promptly with your assistance. Specifically, the quick response to the W32.NewApt.Worm infection that almost crippled our 29,000 users. When we were infected the day this worm was detected in Italy. Your polite, quick and competent responses assisted my staff, our users and myself greatly. Please pass this on to your management so that they know what good work you have been providing.
New Mexico
Academic User

Thank you for your kind, attentive reply. I really appreciate it! Very happy holidays, and a very Merry Christmas to you. I will face "Y2K" and the numerous viral threats with considerably more confidence because I have Command Antivirus onboard. I recommend it to everyone I know, and several of these friends and business acquaintances have purchased it recently from PC Brokers here in Colorado Springs. You folks are absolutely the best, and your very helpful customer service and frequent Deffile updates put you head-and-shoulders above any other company that thinks it is good enough to be your competitor.

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