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virus definition updates

Please Note: We're providing access to these files from three separate global locations. Please choose your download from the sites provided below.

The latest Definition / Signature files were posted October 9, 2002.

Windows 3x users please note:
You *MUST* upgrade to CSAV 4.60 before installing the latest DEF files. Click here to upgrade.

1. Fill in your Username and Password
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2. Choose your DEF file type

Please click the appropriate radio button to download the appropriate DEF files.
Command on Demand (
Windows 2000/XP (defmsp.exe)
Linux (deflinux.rpm)
MAILsweeper 4.2/WEBsweeper 4.0 (defint.msp)
Everything Else (deffiles.exe)

3. Choose a download location

Please click the appropriate radio button to download from your chosen location.
Southern United States
United Kingdom

4. Get the File

Note: Updates of Command Software Systems products are available solely for registered customers. Username and password are required for access to product updates as well as the latest macro definition files. Your Command Care agreement entitles you to free updates of your licensed product(s) and the latest virus signatures. We encourage you to keep Command Software products current so that you will have the highest possible level of protection from virus threats.

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