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The Authentium ESP Extensible Service Platform enables broadband service providers, Internet portals, and managed security providers to deploy state-of-the-art Internet security applications under their own brands and deliver market-leading quality of service.  The Authentium SDK library enables software developers to build award-winning security applications and integrate with Authentium ESP - the leading security software-as-a-service platform.  Read More >>

Multi-vendor security Multi-vendor security
Fully-customizable Fully-brandable
24/7 support 24/7 support
7 million end points 7 million + users
Cox Communications parental controls

small business Internet security
Multiple brands Multi-vendor security
security feature Integrated services
security feature Easy VAS deployment
Managed services portal Web portal included
Wireless access security threat

enterprise network security
Choice of vendors Multi-vendor security
Central management Central management
Integrated procurement Built-in procurement
Carrier-customizable Carrier-customizable
Enterprise antivirus and antispyware deployment
Authentium protection and threat management statistics
390,100 Identified Threats
8,231,000 Protected Users
46,330,000 Homes Passed
3,950,000,000 Emails Scanned/Week
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