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Command Interceptor™ for MIMEsweeper provides best of class anti-virus protection with the leading content security and policy management provided by Content Technologies. With the evolution of email as the primary means of corporate communications, enterprises must focus on the inherent risks associated with this medium. Viruses and other malicious code can cripple an organization within seconds of the initial infection occuring. Confidentality breeches, innaproriate material, jokes and junk mail can lead to loss of revenue, exposure to liability, and lost productivity. Defending against undesirable content and adding an extra layer of defense against computer viruses and other malicious threats requires persistent, transparent monitoring of each and every email going to or from the organization. With Command Interceptor fully integrated into Content Technologies MIMEsweeper, keeping tabs on email has never been easier or more effective.

Content Technologies' MIMEsweeper product family provides a wide range of coverage, including MAILsweeper for SMTP gateway protection, e-Sweeper for Internet mail and WEBsweeper for safer online browsing. Command Interceptor is a fully integrated solution for the MIMESweeper product line. Information concerning MAILsweeper for SMTP gateway protection is available on this site. For information concerning other MIMEsweeper products, please contact a Command Sales Representative.

Partner Opportunities
Command Interceptor is ideally suited for any security product, including firewalls, backup software, or email programs. If you are a developer or integrator interested in taking advantage of Command's open partnership, visit our Partners Solution Center for full details on how you can place the superior protection of Command Interceptor in your product.

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