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Help Desk/Support Model

When dealing with support issues, two critical challenges must be met in order to achieve success. The first challenge is delivering support in such a way that the customer maintains a positive attitude towards the company. The second challenge is to perform the necessary diagnostics to ensure each possibility has been thoroughly examined to effectively troubleshoot the problem. To achieve a successful support endeavour, these two criteria must be blended such that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

What constitutes customer satisfaction?

Certainly many aspects of the support process can serve to either endear or alienate the customer. Support centers must constantly strive to balance their needs to perform diagnositics with the customers needs to achieve quick satisfaction. Customer's are most satisfied with the process when they feel their concerns have been heard, understood, and acted upon appropriately. Of course, this can be difficult to maintain when lengthy diagnostics - particularly those involving third-party software - are required.

What about diagnostics?

Obviously, a certain amount of diagnostics must be performed in order to fully understand the nature of the customer's problems. Oftentimes, the possibility of a virus or other form of malicious code must be ruled out as part of the troubleshooting process. Unfortunately, customers who are told they need to scan their systems are immediately confronted with the likelihood of either a lengthy download and installation, or an update, of their chosen anti-virus software. Confronted with a system that is already likely causing frustration, hence the support call, this portion of diagnostics may serve to aggravate the customer and discourage positive resolution.

How can Command on Demand help achieve our support goals?

Most users are fully aware of the threats posed by computer viruses and other malicious code. By removing the "hassle" anticipated by the customer due to downloading or updating requirements, Command on Demand can be a valuable addition to your support site. Customers can be directed to your site where all that is required is a simple "Click and Run" to determine whether or not an infection is present. Customers can even remain online with the technician while the scan takes place, further alleviating any anxiety. With no installation, no updating requirements, and no intervention required on the part of the user, scans can be run completely and efficiently with almost no effort! Support staff benefit from the assurance that the system is indeed clean, or confirmation that it isn't. In the event of an infection, Command on Demand quickly and efficiently cleans the system back to its original state.

What other benefits are realized?

We saved the best for last. Command on Demand is a totally scalable solution. This means you have full design control of the html space around the scanner, making Command on Demand the perfect new vehicle to provide an extremely valuable marketing tool. The typical virus scan may take several minutes, depending on the number of files the user targets to scan. Most users will wait and watch the scan in action. This is the perfect time to present useful and interesting marketing messages, promotions and advertisements!

Partner Opportunities
If you are a developer or integrator interested in taking advantage of Command's open partnership program, visit our Partners Solution Center for full details on partnering with Command Software Systems, Inc.

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