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Command Software Systems Presents mailCOMMAND, an Anti-Virus SMTP Gateway Providing Comprehensive Protection for Corporate Networks and Intranets

For Immediate Release, June 17, 1997

JUPITER, FL (June 17, 1997) - Command Software Systems announced the release of mailCOMMAND, Command�s Internet mail scanner, the most comprehensive anti-virus SMTP e-mail gateway available. This powerful combination of Command�s F-PROT Professional Anti-Virus Software with state-of-the-art e-mail gateway technology provides the most effective protection from the threat of viruses transmitted via the Internet. mailCOMMAND provides real-time protection for the enterprise by stopping viruses at the gateway.

Unique to mailCOMMAND is recursive analysis. Recursive analysis breaks down each e-mail message into its component parts. This breakthrough technology provides the most thorough e-mail content analysis available. Once disassembled, the message can be scanned for viruses and then passed on or quarantined, as needed, in the original format.

"E-mail is the most widely used network application today. Macro viruses can be easily spread through file attachments and also within applications, such as OLE objects," says Pam Oppenheim, Command�s Product Manager. "With the continuous sharing of information today, users must learn to protect their data in new ways," she adds. "As use of the Internet, intranets and e-mail increases, so does the need for virus protection. To be effective in these environments, an anti-virus solution must provide real-time, on-access scanning. This new SMTP product provides the technology to meet the current and growing security needs of corporate networks."

mailCOMMAND offers automated real-time virus scanning of incoming or outgoing e-mail and attachments, alerting network administrators, senders and recipients to the presence of viruses.

Command Software Systems, Inc. develops, markets and supports a complete line of leading anti-virus and information security products for IBM personal computers, compatibles and networks. Founded in 1983, the company has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. Command Software products are sold directly and through distribution. For all other information, please contact: Joanne Urbanik, Marketing Manager, Command Software Systems, Inc. at (561) 575-3200 ext. 153 or via e-mail at [email protected].