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Command Software and Integralis Unite to Provide the First Effective Anit-Virus Firewall Against Internet-Borne E-mail Viruses

F-PROT Professional and MIMEsweeper combine to prevent e-mail attached viruses, including the word macro virus, from entering LANs via the Internet.

For Immediate Release - April 30, 1996

JUPITER, FL. - In keeping with their commitment to protect corporate computing environments, Command Software Systems, Inc. and Integralis announced a joint, integrated anti-virus and e-mail security and management solution. This partnership between two industry leaders marks the beginning of a new era of anti-virus protection for the Internet. The integration of both F-PROT Professional and MIMEsweeper is the first of a series of planned enhancements to protect corporate networks from the increased threat of viruses transmitted via Internet traffic.

Integralis� MIMEsweeper program can completely disassemble e-mail attachments and break them down into basic files that Command�s F-PROT Professional can then scan for viruses. These products effectively detect and quarantine both inbound and outbound Internet, SMTP and cc:Mail e-mail messages, including those documents infected with the highly prevalent Word macro viruses. Incoming mail is scanned and contaminated attachments are quarantined before reaching the LAN. The quarantined files can be safely disinfected before they reach the intended recipient.

Macro viruses are found attached to commonly shared files in corporate networks such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Once a macro virus is executed by opening a document or saving a file, the workstation is infected and the virus will spread to other workstations and files on the network via e-mail attachments.

"The Word macro viruses represent approximately 50% of all virus encounters today," said Dr. Peter Tippet, National Computer Security Association president and noted virus expert. "This Word macro virus type is the first virus to spread with e-mail as the vector for infection. The integration of anti-virus capabilities within the e-mail management software significantly enhances the security of corporate networks attached to the Internet."

F-PROT Professional is the leading corporate anti-virus solution with features that allow administrators to manage virus security across the enterprise. This multi-platform program suite effectively detects and prevents virus infections. F-PROT Professional is certified by the National Computer Security Association (NCSA).

MIMEsweeper is an e-mail router which automatically and transparently scans both incoming and outgoing e-mail for the presence of viruses or macro bombs within attachments. MIMEsweeper prevents viruses from reaching the network by placing the infected e-mail in a quarantine area and immediately informing the system manager.

These integrated products create an Internet e-mail firewall and anti-virus solution which the two companies plan to promote through the development of several joint marketing programs and reseller incentives. "F-PROT Professional and MIMEsweeper provide a network enterprise solution to protect corporate computing environments," said Dyan Dyer, Command Software CEO. "The explosive growth of the Internet requires that companies join forces to leverage their technologies to provide customers with effective security. We�re pleased to join Integralis in offering an outstanding solution to neutralize the threat of virus attacks spread through the Internet, Intranets, and networks."

"The Word macro virus has been a problem for organizations since its first appearance in mid-1995," said Victor Woodward, president of Integralis. "MIMEsweeper, with the addition of the powerful virus scanning F-PROT Professional, can now stop e-mail documents containing viruses, including the macro viruses, from entering LAN environments."

Integralis, Inc., based in Kirkland, Washington, was incorporated on January 1, 1996 as a wholly owned, subsidiary of Integralis Ltd., a leading supplier of computer communication solutions in the UK. Founded in 1988, Integralis provides both government and corporate organizations with system solutions based on a combination of products and consulting and has offices in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Australia and the U.S. Integralis, Inc., concentrates on mail and Internet connectivity products developed by Integralis Ltd. which are appropriate for the U.S. market. Integralis products are sold direct and through a select reseller channel made up of VARs and system integrators. For additional information, call 800-982-6109.

Command Software Systems, Inc., develops, markets and supports a complete line of leading anti-virus and information security products for the IBM personal computers, compatibles and networks. Founded in 1983, the company has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. For additional information please contact Command Software Systems.