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Introducing....Command's SMTP Anti-Virus Gateway

Command SMTP Anti-Virus Product watches for viruses on your e-mail server: before they infect your network or your users!

[ SMTP Anti-Virus ]


As more and more users rely on e-mail as a primary source of communication, network security has become a major concern. The Internet is the world's largest e-mail system and e-mail attachments are one of the chief carriers of macro viruses. Viruses can cause extensive downtime and destroy critical data. When infected documents or files are compressed, encoded or encrypted and attached to e-mail messages, they are likely to be missed by standard virus scanning products. If your company uses the Internet to send and share document files and spreadsheets via e-mail, you need an SMTP anti-virus gateway.


  • Detects and quarantines e-mail borne viruses traveling to or from the Internet. Viruses can't get to your post offices or your internal e-mail system;
  • Recursive disassembly repeatedly decompresses files comprehensive scanning using NCSA certified F-PROT Professional Anti-Virus software;
  • Detects thousands of viruses including macro viruses. Halts the spread of e-mail borne viruses within the corporate network;
  • Offers centralized management with on-the-fly installation;
  • Can be installed while the system is running;
  • Transparent to users;
  • Has remote management capabilities;
  • Administration is fully configurable;
  • Alerts the user with a customized, pre-loaded warning message when a virus is detected;
  • A robust virus activity log tells the system administrator:
    1. E-mail addresses that sent each infected file;
    2. Date the infected file was received;
    3. Name of the file;
    4. Where the file originated;
    5. Destination of the file;
    6. How the file was sent;
    7. Action taken when the virus was detected.
  • In addition, Command SMTP Anti-Virus provides an encyclopedia, which gives detailed information about known viruses.