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Other Command Software Products

Command Software offers a variety of other products for the security-minded business or individual. To order any of these or other Command Software products, please contact us!

Security Guardian, Security Guardian Plus

Security Guardian is a comprehensive, flxible PC data security program. Select any number of security features to provide the exact type of protection required. Security Guardian provides protection from viruses, prevents unauthorized access, and protects PCs without interrupting processing. It also locks directories and files, and provides a complete audit trail with a custom report generator that produces reports that include idle time and illegal access attempts. Security Guardian also allows you 100 password levels, definable passwords and DES encryption. Security Guardian Plus combines the best anti-virus and computer access control technology available today.


LANGARD provides you with all the features of Security Guardian specifically tailored for Local Area Networks. The Network can be easily managed from a module that resides on the file server. As the network manager, you can add, delete, and change user privileges and restrictions from your own workstation. In addition, using the global lockout feature, the system manager can keep all other users off the network while doing maintenance work. Features include: boot protection, virus protection, integrity checks, virus elimination from TAM, directory and file locking, audit trail with custom report generator. LANGARD protects your network using only 17 K of RAM.


FREEZE!! Is a software-only boot protection program that keeps unauthorized users off your PC! It features password protection, virus protection, as well as both screen and keyboard locking. This entry-level security product can be installed in minutes and requires only 11K of RAM. FREEZE!! allows up to 5 access passwords for your PC and will only boot when one of these is entered. You can freeze your keyboard with a single key command that also blanks the screen. When the correct password is entered, you can then enter any of the security switches we have installed for your convenience. These switches can control floppy reads and writes, absolute disk I/O, as well as file attributes and security system files.