F-PROT Professional Year 2000 Compliance

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F-PROT Professional Year 2000 Compliance

November 8, 1996

Dear Customer,

After careful research we have determined that F-PROT Professional 2.xx has no known problems regarding "Year 2000 Compliance".

We will ensure that no date dependencies are designed into future upgrades of Command Software products.

For this purpose, CSS warrants that the software listed above, if licensed to licensee prior to, during, or after the calendar year 2000, includes or shall include, at no added cost to licensee, design and performance characteristics that prevent the year 2000 from resulting in abnormally ending and/or invalid and/or incorrect results for licenses. The software design to ensure year 2000 compatibility shall include, but not be limited to, date century recognition, calculations that accomodate century 2000, and date data interface values that reflect the century.

This warranty is limited to replacement software in a media format as specified in active license agreements, provided that the product(s) have not reached an end of life cycle by the year 2000. No other warranty is given or implied other than expressed in the license agreement.


Helmuth Freericks
Vice President, Research and Development