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Internet and Web-based Mail Solutions

Command Interceptor™ is an innovative anti-virus toolkit solution designed around an open partnership principal. While many anti-virus vendors attempt to be jack of all trades to the software security industry, Command remains dedicated to remaining master of the anti-virus arena. By creating a toolkit DLL as an open plug-in for other industry masters, Command Interceptor ensures best of breed anti-virus protection integrated with the security solution that best meets your distinctive technical and operational needs.

Internet Mail
Network Computing describes Gordano's NTMail as "leaving the rest of the pack in the dust." We couldn't agree more! Gordano's chosen anti-virus solution for NTMail is Command Interceptor, thus it is tightly integrated with NTMail, NTList and GLWebMail, allowing for full management from within the Gordano interface. Whether you need a best of class mail server, intuitive web mail reader, or a superb mailing list manager, Gordano with Command Interceptor offers the most highly rated products available.

Product Info:

Partner Opportunities
Command Interceptor is ideally suited for any security product, including firewalls, backup software, or email programs. If you are a developer or integrator interested in taking advantage of Command's open partnership, visit our Partners Solution Center for full details on how you can place the superior protection of Command Interceptor in your product.

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