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Expanding Our Electronic Presence

Early in its existence, Command Software recognized the need for responsive, timely virus assistance through implementation of its "Service That Never Sleeps" technical support program. Today, Command Software continues its tradition of service with many electronic technical and product solutions. Outlined below are some of the various connectivity options which are available now.

Phone: (561)575-3200
Toll-Free: (800)423-9147
Fax: (561)575-3026

UK Phone: +44 (171) 259-5710
UK Toll Free: 0500-202444
UK Fax: +44 (171) 259-5753

Customer Service: [email protected]
Technical Support: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]
UK Technical Support: [email protected]
UK Sales: [email protected]

Coming Soon!

European Web and FTP site: to service our important European contacts "across the pond", this new FTP and Web server will allow for faster and more convenient file downloads.

Need More Information?

Try getting product and virus information on-line. Our web site includes descriptions of the latest viruses, a virus glossary, BBS and FTP download instructions, sneak previews of the latest Command Software products with release dates, hotlinks to anti-virus resources, and much more! The site includes forms for updating your product, joining electronic mailing lists, etc. The Command Software web site is updated daily, so check back frequently for handy tips and timely information.

Message from the President

As we race through this decade of growth and change, several themes have developed in recent months, owing to tremendous growth in our product line and in our company as a whole. One of these important themes is to "Expand Our Electronic Presence". To serve our customers better we have decided to continue expanding electronic access options, and to create new electronic communications channels. E-mail and html versions of this newsletter, an automated e-mail update notification service, and specialized e-mail discussion lists are all forthcoming. Product updates are still available through BBS and FTP, and Web users can now access the FTP site from most Netscape or Microsoft browsers.

Our web site has a new look as well; new graphics, faster response time, more efficient directory structure. The web site now also includes an improved Virus Information page, with papers and articles on system security, computer ethics, and of course, computer viruses. We now have response and inquiry forms, and eventually we hope to add a special information library for our resellers and distributors.

Things are changing around Command Software every day, but our pledge to provide quality service and products has stayed the same since our founding in 1984. We are committed to our customers and appreciate your input on all levels. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Dyan Dyer

Our Newest Family Members

Command Software continues to grow at a rapid pace. Our family of qualified professionals is what makes Command Software Systems the leader in the information security software industry today. Charles Clements, an experienced professional in computer technology sales, has been appointed vice president of sales for Command Software Systems. Charlie�s responsibilities at Command include overseeing the expansion of the sales force. Clements will also be utilizing his expertise in creating a reseller program for Command, as the company is in negotiations to develop distributor relationships for the first time.

Dr. Richard Ford joined Command Software Systems last month as the Technical Director. Dr. Ford is a recognized authority on viruses and anti-virus products, having served as the editor for Virus Bulletin and as the Director of Research at the NCSA (National Computer Security Association). Ford, who earned his Ph.D. in Semi-Conductor Physics from Queen�s College, Oxford University, is a regular author on computer viruses, and has contributed to several books; he has also trained and lectured on the subject of computer viruses internationally, speaking at such conferences as Virus Bulletin, IVPC, and EICAR. Dr. Ford will be expanding Command�s product testing and quality assurance procedures.

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