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About Command Software Systems, Inc.

Setting The Standard For Information Security

Command Software Systems, Inc. was formed in 1983 to bring state-of-the-art software programs to the marketplace. The company was incorporated in 1984 and is privately held.

CSSI designs, develops and markets comprehensive data security and anti-virus software for both networks and personal computers. Our customers include many of the Fortune 1000 and numerous government agencies. The programs we have developed are cross-industry.

  • Dyan Dyer is the President, CEO and founder. She has successfully guided CSSI from its incorporation in 1984 to its current position of industry leadership.
  • Helmuth Freericks is the Vice-President of Research and Development. Helmuth joined our team with many years of experience in the software industry, including extensive skills in management, product development, and technical support.

Product History

The Emcee was our first product. It is a custom menu system and audit trail that was voted the top menu system under $100 by the INFOWORLD review board. It was also honored as one of the top 100 products of 1988 in all classes. TheEmcee was just the first example of our commitment to excellence.

Our growing family of satisfied customers showed us that security was fast becoming a priority issue. We enlisted them as "technology partners" in order to develop the comprehensive security module known as Security Guardian. This total security package, featuring nine different access levels, grew to become one of our top-selling programs.

In order to serve an even broader computing base, we released a subset of Security Guardian called FREEZE!! This small boot protection module protects thousands of PCs all over the world.

In late 1991 our developers created F-PROT Professional, an anti-virus product to add to our family of computer security programs. NCSA certified for effective virus detection, F-PROT Professional uses heuristic scanning to catch previously unknown viruses. In order to offer complete client/server protection for Novell networks we created NET-PROT, a NetWare Loadable Module, in 1993. To better serve customers with multi-server systems, F-PROT Professional for NetWare was developed in 1995, featuring streamlined deployment.

Command has recently begun a series of strategic partnerships with various companies to develop new product lines.

Command Software has offices and distributors around the world, all working on creating enterprise solutions for companies of all sizes.

Many of our products have earned certifications and awards from international sources, including Secure Computing Checkmark certification, NCSA Anti-Virus Certification, and numerous magazine recommendations, etc.

Pricing and Customer Service

Command Software Systems is extremely competitive in its pricing policy, offering quantity and educational discounts. Committed to customer satisfaction, we provide Service that Never Sleeps - 24-hour, toll-free, emergency, technical support. Complementing Command's technical support is a full range of virus update services and virus information. Monthly updates of the latest virus signatures and quarterly upgrades are available on BBS, FTP and CompuServe (GO FPROT).

Future Direction

Our goal at Command is to provide our customers with the best anti-virus and security protection possible. We look forward to continued satisfying partnerships with our corporate customers - we enjoy the challenge of meeting their virus and security needs.

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