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The Command AntiVirus™ with F-PROT Professional® product line includes everything you need to protect your information against viruses without confusion or a big learning curve. You can select the appropriate methods to use in your organization or use them all for maximum security. But don't just take our word for it. Here is what independent reviewers have said about our products.

Command AntiVirus for NetWare achieved the stringent quality standards required to obtain the prestigious "Yes, Tested and Approved" certification from Novell, Inc., proving its compatibility with NetWare 5.

For more information on the Novell certification, click here.

PCWorld, March 1998 PC World - March 1998 - Saying that it offers "more than you'll ever use", the March 1998 issue of PC World reports: "Perfect wild virus detection and repair, extensive networking options... F-PROT offers more than you'll ever use. For instance, you can install it on a file server and choose which action it takes when it finds a virus -- from automatic disinfection to notifying management personnel. It can scan at set times or after a fixed period of PC inactivity... one of only four packages that detected all wild file viruses... you'll get reminders to update, which is easy: Just visit the company's Web site and click Download Now... extra options are neatly tucked away in drop-down menus, and you can easily find out when a scan was last done. F-PROT provides even more network features, including automatic virus-signature updates from a central server."

PC Computing, March 1997

"If you ... want the finest antivirus technology along with detection files that are updated hourly, check out F-PROT Professional."

Command Software Systems, Inc. has received the coveted VB 100% award from Virus Bulletin. The award means that Command's F-PROT Professional® detected all viruses acknowledged as being "in the wild" by Virus Bulletin. Besides the VB 100, Command's F-PROT Professional also has received the "Check Mark" designation from Secure Computing and is certified by ICSA (which changed its name from NCSA in January, 1998). Command is one of only two companies that can claim the three major anti-virus industry acknowledgments.

PCToday, February 1997

F-PROT Professional was featured in a PCToday "Computers At Work" article entitled, "Protecting the Guardian: F-PROT Professional Keeps Insurance Company Safe from Viral Attacks".

ICSA Certified F-PROT Professional is ICSA certified for maximum detection of threatening viruses found in the wild.

Virus Bulletin, July 1996 "Finally, a product which gets 100% on the Overall ITW score; this is great to see, as in the last few comparatives no one manages this. It is perhaps fitting that the first product to be certified under the current NCSA system is also the first for some time to have an equivalent performance in a VB test....The recommendation for corporate workstations, therefore, is Command Software's F-PROT for everyday use..."


Checkmark Certification

F-PROT Professional holds Secure Computing Checkmark Certification

Secure Computing, May 1996
"Truly; elegant and flexible, F-PROT produced the best scanner performance in this bunch of the best in the world."

Secure Computing Editor's Choice, May 1996
"For unvarnished scanner performance F-PROT Professional for Windows 95 is our first choice. With a good set of features and an easy to use interface, this robust product is an excellent value for the money. F-PROT mixes a stylish interface with one of the consistently best scanners of the world."

PC Magazine, May 14, 1996
"Command Software Systems F-PROT Professional for Windows 95 deserves honorable mention (F-PROT Professional for Windows 95) was virtually unbeatable when it came to virus detection...As the most effective virus detective, F-PROT Professional for Windows 95 gets high marks....F-PROT showed more agility than most of the other programs with file disinfection.

"Of the 24 packages we tested, only F-PROT Professional was able to accurately disinfect all the viruses we tested."

PC Magazine, Network Edition

"Overall, F-PROT is a well-designed anti-virus suite that is capable of meeting the needs of both DOS and NetWare users."

National Software Testing Labs (NSTL) recommends F-PROT Professional after a recent thorough test in Software Digest issue #12.9 "Virus Prevention Programs for Networks".

InfoWorld, April 15, 1996
"Easy-to-handle F-PROT stands guard against NetWare...easy to install, maintain, and administer..."

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