Command AntiVirus™ for NetWare

Command AntiVirus™ for NetWare offers comprehensive virus protection for the NetWare server. With a full-featured protection system that includes scheduled, on-demand, and on-access scans, Command AntiVirus for NetWare provides constant vigilance, guarding all points of entry. Having been awarded West Coast Labs Checkmark Levels One and Two certification, Command AntiVirus has proven its ability to detect and disinfect 100% of virus in the wild.

Complete scheduling: allows you to assign scans to a specific day, time of day, start and stop time, frequency, and the amount of time between scans.

  • Ability to configure multiple concurrent scans: offers tremendous flexibility for choosing what, when and how often to scan.
  • Fully configurable inclusion/exclusion: allows you to include/exclude files, volumes and directories from the scan list.
  • On-access monitoring of network traffic prevents infected programs from loading. Real-time scanning occurs automatically when a program attempts to load, and also during copies.
  • Scans network drives on schedule or demand.
  • Logs results of scheduled and manual scans if a virus is found. These logs can be centralized onto a single server.

Centralized Administration
Command AntiVirus for NetWare offers features that make enterprise-wide management convenient, including centralized installation and updating.

  • Server-to-server deployment: ensures, easy deployment and updating of multiple servers and workstations.
  • Ability to install from any Windows workstation or directly from system console.
  • Ability to exclude compressed and migrated files.
  • Disable workstation connection: prevents an infected workstation from attaching to or using network resources.

Notification / Reporting
Command AntiVirus for NetWare has enterprise-wide alerting capabilities that provide instant notification of users and groups. The number of recipients is unlimited and all messages are indexed and logged for future reference.

  • Numeric pager alerts
  • Alpha-numeric pager alerts MHS mail alerts
  • Pegasus mail alerts
  • SNMP alerts
  • FaxWare alerts
  • Network broadcast alerts
  • Logs all alerts and messages
  • Forwards alerts from any backup, auditing and other network products
  • No impact on server performance.

System Requirements
IBM compatible server with minimum 80386 processor, 8MB RAM, with Novell NetWare 3.1x or above installed with latest updates. NLM requires 160K of RAM plus 51K per buffer (minimum of two buffers)








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