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Important Information

Did you know that your browser contains a VeriSign Certificate Authority (CA) certificate? Among other things, this certificate allows you to communicate with secure Web sites including the Command AntiVirus Software site. These certificates expire after a few years, requiring users to upgrade their browsers.

The VeriSign certificates in all Netscape browsers before and including version 4.05 and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 4.01 for Macintosh will expire on December 31, 1999. This will impact your ability to communicate with any secure web site and, because of the timing, could cause you to think your computer is experiencing Y2K difficulties.

If your certificate has expired, you will encounter an error message and will be unable to navigate your way through any secure Web site.

Should you need to upgrade your browser, we advise you to download the latest versions at the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator site.

While you are upgrading be sure to download the 128-bit version browser, offering the highest level of security currently available. Please note that current U.S. export law restricts the download of 128-bit browsers to permanent North American residents. If you live outside North America please download the 40 bit version.