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Virus Hoax: Millenium Virus

Name: Millenium Virus
Aliases: Year 2000 Virus
Type: Not a Virus

You may be hearing about the "Year 2000 virus", sometimes referred to as "The Millenium Virus". When some people talk about this virus, they are actually referring to the problems which some computers will encounter when the two last digits of the current year change to 00. This will happen on the the 1st of January, 2000.

For example, many programs calculate the age of a person by subtracting the current year from the birth year (for example, 97-65 = person is 32 years old). If such a calculation is performed on January 1st, 2000, it would result in this person being -65 years old.

More information on these problems is available in the web at Read about Command AntiVirus' Year 2000 Compliance.

Based on information provided by Mikko Hypponen DataFellows, Ltd.