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Virus Hoax: AOL4FREE

Name: AOL4FREE Trojan Horse

The AOL4FREE.COM Trojan Horse and the AOL4FREE virus hoax should be considered two different warnings.

A real Trojan Horse, AOL4FREE.COM has been spread in e-mail beginning in April, 1997. This Trojan was written on the heels of the AOL4FREE virus hoax, which was reported beginning in March, 1997.

This Trojan Horse is usually distributed via e-mail and via downloading of software; its purpose is to delete files on the hard drive once the program is executed. The program is a compiled batch file which runs the DOS DELTREE command to delete information on the user's hard drive.

A Trojan (or Trojan Horse) is a program which carries out an unauthorized function while hidden inside an authorized program. It is designed to do something other than what it claims to do, and frequently is destructive in its actions.

Any user that encounters the AOL4FREE Trojan Horse or hoax message should not under any circumstances attempt to read or execute this program. If you encounter the hoax message OR the Trojan file, delete them immediately.