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Macro Virus: WordMacro/DMV

Name: WordMacro/DMV
Type: Word Macro Virus

WordMacro/DMV is probably the first Word macro virus to have been written. It is test virus, written by Joel McNamara to study the behavior of macro viruses. As such, it is no threat - it announces its presence in the system, and keeps the user informed of its actions.

Mr. McNamara wrote WordMacro/DMV in the fall of 1994 - at the same time, he published a detailed study of macro viruses. He kept his test virus under wraps until a real macro virus, WordMacro/Concept, was discovered. At that time, he decided to make WordMacro/DMV known to the public. We are opposed to this type of action; although it can be argued that spreading such information will educate the public. We can also except to see new variants of the DMV virus, as well as totally new viruses inspired by the techniques used in this virus. McNamara also published a skeleton to demonstrate how a virus can infect Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files.

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