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Abbreviations of Virus Characteristics

AAV: Avoids antivirus program(s)

ARM: Armored

BOO: Floppy Boot Sector

BUG: Has a notable bug

COM: Com Infector

CMD: Seeks out and infects COMMAND.COM

CMO: Modifies CMOS

CMP: Companion

DAM: Slow damage

DAV: Disables resident antivirus(es)

ENC: Encrypted Parts

EXE: EXE Infector

FUL: Full Stealth

HBR: Hard disk boot record

MBR : Master boot record

MLT: Multi-partite

MSG: Displays Message

MUS: Music

OLE: Infects Ole2 files (Word, Excel)

POL: Polymorphic

RES: Resident

SEM: Semi Stealth

SFX: Sound effect - not music

Size: Size of virus

SYS: DOS Device Drivers

TAV: Removes or corrupts antivirus product(s)

TIN: Removes antivirus system-integrity database

TUN: Tunneling

TXC: encrypted text

TXT: Standard text not displayed to screen

VFX: Visual effect

WAR: Warhead-sudden trigger effect damage

XMB: Makes MBR inaccessible from Drive A

XMD: Avoids infecting COMMAND.COM