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You, or some of your colleagues, may have been involved in a recent survey conducted by the National Computer Security Association to determine just how widespread and severe the computer virus outbreak is in North America and the potential of a computer virus infecting your computer system. Download the survey now.

According to the 1997 NCSA Virus Prevalence Survey

  • 99% of all medium and large organizations in North America have experienced AT LEAST ONE computer virus infection.
  • 1/3 of all sites experienced a computer virus disaster, 50% within the last 4 months.
  • The computer virus problem could be virtually eliminated if just 30% of the world's PC users used a current, full-time anti-virus protection method like Command AntiVirus with F-PROT Professional®.
Command AntiVirus can help you prevent:

  • Loss of Productivity
  • Loss of Access to PCs
  • Loss of Access to Data
  • Lost or Corrupted Files
  • System Crashes
  • Screen messages, interference or lockup
  • and much more!
Make an Informed Decision When It Comes to Combating Viruses That Invade and Damage Your Computer System!

Download your copy of the 1997 NSCA virus prevalence survey, a valuable information resource.