Command Software Out-Paces Papa B Virus, Posting Fix Before it Could Be Widely Proliferated in the Wild

Command Software Out-Paces Papa B Virus, Posting Fix Before it Could Be Widely Proliferated in the Wild

3/30, 1999

JUPITER, FL (PR NEWSWIRE) -- Always staying on top of the game, Command Software Systems, developers of the industry-leading anti-virus solution, Command AntiVirus�, developed a fix for the Papa.B virus before it could wreak havoc in-the-wild. Once a virus such as Melissa has been introduced in-the-wild, it becomes quite easy for hackers to duplicate the main features of the virus and then add additional, often more destructive payloads. This was the case with the Papa.B virus.

On March 29, three days after the Melissa virus was found in-the-wild, the Papa.A virus was discovered, but it had a syntax error and did not replicate. Nonetheless, Command immediately developed a detection and disinfection routine for the virus. As suspected, the virus writer corrected the error and released it. On March 30, Papa.B was functional. Command Software was prepared for this new variant and already had the fix posted on its Web site.

Papa.B mimics many of the characteristics of Melissa, but adds a few extra twists. Like the Melissa virus, Papa.B disables macro virus warning features in documents that are effected, then replicates and spreads itself via e-mail. But unlike Melissa that effects Word documents, Papa.B is a self-contained worm that directs its threats to Excel 97 files. When opened with Excel, Papa.B starts Outlook and sends itself to the first 60 addresses in every address book, every time the virus is activated.

The Excel file is sent as an attachment with a subject line that reads: "Fwd: Workbook from and Fred Cohen." The text of the message says: "Urgent info inside. Disregard macro warning." Then Papa randomly performs a network query, known as a ping request, overloading the network and possibly bringing network operations to a halt.

"The Papa virus is capable of bypassing the protective barriers many IT administrators have just set-up to combat Melissa," noted Dyan Dyer, Chairman and CEO of Command Software Systems." We are diligently working to let everyone know that it is now necessary to further arm their computer systems. All anti-virus products should be updated. Command has posted the fix to detect and disinfect Papa.B. This fix is available to everyone via Command Software's Web site,, free of charge," Dyer added.

"We encourage everyone using the Internet to send and receive e-mail messages to defend themselves with a dependable anti-virus solution, one that can detect previously unknown viruses," Dyer further noted. "A free copy evaluation copy of our Command AntiVirus� product is available for download from our Web site."

Command AntiVirus (with the legendary F-PROT Professional� engine) has earned Checkmark Level Two certification from West Coast Labs. This means that Command AntiVirus has been independently tested and proven to detect 100% of viruses "in-the-wild" (Level One certification), plus employ the industry-leading capability of 100% disinfection of these same viruses (Level Two certification). Command AntiVirus is available for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT, NetWare, DOS, OS/2, Lotus� Notes and Microsoft� Exchange platforms.

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