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Command Software Systems, Inc. Adds Real-Time Virus Scanning to their Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT

For Immediate Release, May, 1997

JUPITER, FL (May, 1997) - Command Software Systems, Inc., developer of the popular Command�s F-PROT Professional announces the addition of real-time scanning to their Windows NT product.

Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT provides comprehensive real-time virus scanning and protection for Windows NT. "NT computing environments require real-time scanning plus the ability to run as a native NT service," says Pam Oppenheim, Product Manager. "Command�s on-access scanning provides the best line of defense against computer viruses, detecting them before they can be transmitted to the user's system; while the service provides scheduled scans even when no one is logged into the machine."

Comprehensive 32-bit Anti-Virus NT Service. Implemented as a native NT service, Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT utilizes Windows NT 32-bit technology, including NT's enhanced file system and multi-threaded administration, distribution and scanning. It�s true 32-bit Windows NT Kernel-Mode Driver (KMD) provides real-time, on-access scanning on any server.

Multi-layered virus protection includes scheduled, on-demand and real-time scans, and the ability to perform multiple simultaneous scans. Actively scanning for over 10,000 virus signatures, Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT detects and eliminates all virus types, including macro viruses. Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT allows administrators to centrally configure scanning, distribution and reporting for optimum flexibility. Scanning can be scheduled for any date or time, according to the end-users' needs. Domain-oriented installation and configuration allow for ease of administration. Server-to-server updates quickly distribute the latest virus signatures and product upgrades.

Precious system resources can be conserved by using Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT. Multi-threaded scanning ensures lower performance degradation and allows the administrator to monitor server activity.

Command�s F-PROT Professional for Windows NT is enhanced by unsurpassed service and support. Command's "Service that Never Sleeps" provides the only 24-hour, 7 days a week, toll-free technical support available in the industry. Daily updates of the latest virus signatures and product upgrades are offered via BBS and FTP and network.

Command Software Systems, Inc. develops, markets and supports a complete line of leading anti-virus and information security products for IBM personal computers, compatibles and networks. Founded in 1983, the company has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. Command Software products are sold directly and are available through distribution from Micro Central, Inc. For channel sales information contact: 1-800-836-4276 or For all other information, please contact: Doug Taylor, Marketing Manager, Command Software Systems, Inc. at (561) 575-3200 ext. 153 or via e-mail at [email protected].