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Command Software Announces Native Windows 95 Version of F-PROT Professional

For Immediate Release, January, 1996

JUPITER, FL. - Data Security provider Command Software Systems, Inc. is set to release F-PROT Professional for Windows 95, a 32-bit version of its award-winning anti-virus software for systems using Windows 95 and Windows NT. The product provides real-time and on demand protection against all computer viruses.

"Our new 32-bit product offers optimal anti-virus protection and takes advantage of all the powers of Windows 95," said Therese Padilla, F-PROT Professional Product Manager. "It is the best defense against the more than 7,000 viruses known to afflict computers."

Real-Time Scanning

One of the products certified under new National Computer Security Association guidelines, F-PROT works transparently in the background to detect, disinfect and prevent virus infections. Real-time scanning prevents an infected program from being copied to the user's system during bootup, when any disk is accessed during file copies. The program also safely removes viruses from files, boot sectors and partition tables.

Multi-Layered Protection

F-PROT's multi-layered protection scheme begins with an Anti-Virus Virtual Device Driver that protects files and disks in real time as they are accessed in DOS and Windows sessions. A high-powered virus scanner executes 100 MB scans in seconds for all known virus signatures. Automatic scans can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, or after specified periods of inactivity. Finally, a powerful rescue utility recovers Windows 95 and Windows NT workstations from boot sector infections.

E-Mail and 32-Bit Capabilities

F-PROT's enterprise-wide alerting capabilities permit instant notification of a virus incident via e-mail. Infected files can be mailed to the network for immediate handling. The multitasking powers of the 32-bit system make it possible to run scans while other tasks are operating. The program also offers full support for long file names, Universal Naming Convention path names and other Windows 95 features.

Network Administrator

In networked PC environments, F-PROT is installed on the server and then deployed to all workstations in one easy step. This simplifies monthly virus updates and quarterly upgrades. Workstation users can be forced to log off the network if F-PROT is not installed, and the program can be automatically deployed to unprotected workstations. A network administrator can customize virus alert messages to each user or groups of users and configure the problem to prohibit an infected workstation's use until the virus is contained and disinfected. In addition, NetWare users can send alerts to the companion product, F-PROT Professional for NetWare.

Pricing, Support, Updates

F-PROT Professional for Windows 95 is available direct from the company and is backed by a 24-hour toll-free emergency technical support program and a wide range of virus update services.

Command Software Systems, Inc. develops, markets and supports a complete line of anti-virus and information security products for IBM personal computers and compatibles. Founded in 1983, the company has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.