Command AntiVirus™ for Windows

Command AntiVirus™ for Windows offers comprehensive anti-virus protection. Command AntiVirus™ for Windows is easy and intuitive for home use, yet powerful enough for the most sophisticated network.

Command AntiVirus has been independently tested and proven to offer exceptional protection. Command AntiVirus has earned both levels of Checkmark certification, proving its ability to not only detect 100% of in-the-wild viruses, but to disinfect them as well. Command Anti-Virus was one of the first products to achieve this high level of certification.

Scans are based on native file format. Command AntiVirus isn�t fooled by renamed files or extensions. Command AntiVirus even scans compressed files!

Command AntiVirus employs HoloCheck™ technology to safely and accurately determine virus and virus-like conduct. By monitoring the behavior of files in a protected, virtual environment, Command AntiVirus can identify and protect against both known and unknown viruses. This virtual virology lab safely examines and monitors the behavior and outcome of files, isolating those that are infected before they have the opportunity to execute and infect your system. As proven with Melissa, this outstanding method of detection provides unparalleled security in the fight against viruses. Indeed, Command AntiVirus was one of the very first products to receive the distinguished Checkmark Level Two certification from West Coast Labs. This certification is granted only to those products that provide 100% disinfection of in-the-wild viruses, leaving files and computer systems intact.

While many vendors claim to provide heuristic scanning capabilities to detect previously unknown viruses, their techniques were no match for Melissa. A hundred thousand users discovered this when confronted with the Melissa virus. While other companies scrambled to provide software updates for detection, Command AntiVirus was calmly alerting users of the attack.


  • Scans for boot sector viruses, file viruses, macro viruses, polymorphic viruses and Trojan Horses
  • Scans hard drives, diskettes, network drives, directories and specific files
  • Safely removes viruses without damaging the original file
  • Removes multiple viruses from infected programs
  • Several removal options, including automatic disinfection
  • A comprehensive virus library of known viruses identifies virus type and origin of virus infection
  • Transparent functionality offers protection without disruption

System Requirements
IBM compatible 80386 running Windows 3.1x, minimum 4MB of RAM and 5MB of hard disk storage.








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