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Back Orifice Trojan Neutralized by Command AntiVirus�

JUPITER, FL (Business Wire) � October 19, 1998 � The threat of the Back Orifice Trojan poses no match for Command AntiVirus�, the leading anti-virus software best known for its superior virus detection and disinfection capabilities. Once installed, Command AntiVirus gives real-time protection, detecting and deleting any trace of this Trojan (Trojan Horse) infector.

Unlike a virus that runs as an independent program that reproduces itself and may attach to other programs, a Trojan is a program that carries out an unauthorized function while hidden inside an authorized program, but will not reproduce itself. It is designed to do something other than what it claims to do. Unlike a virus that can be detected and disinfected, the only way to combat the Back Orifice Trojan is to delete it in its entirety.

Anyone operating Windows 95 or Windows 98 should beware. Downloading and executing Back Orifice allows computer hackers to monitor these computers without the knowledge of the owner. This Trojan allows the hacker to install a "back door," giving the hacker the ability to send, receive, read, write, rewrite, delete, copy, and rename files; log off the current user, access the system registry; hook, store and send keyboard input while the user is logging in and much more.

The Back Orifice Trojan is transmitted via e-mail attachments and Internet downloads. The only way to ensure your online security is to have an anti-virus product already installed on your computer and to perform regular back-ups. Infected files that have been executed cannot be deleted while the program is active because the program is always running. The computer must be turned off and a cold boot must be conducted from a write-protected system diskette.


"This is why it is so important for computer users to already have Command AntiVirus running on their systems to protect them from this malicious Trojan," noted Andy Ruppanner, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Command Software Systems, makers of Command AntiVirus. "Command AntiVirus terminates the risk of losing critical information by Trojan infection."

Command AntiVirus has a proven track record of detecting and deleting viruses and Trojan Horses before they can infect your hard drive or server. Even if the user does not have Command AntiVirus running on their computer, but installs it afterward, Command AntiVirus will be able to detect the infector and the user can be instructed on how to combat the problem.

For more information about Back Orifice and its number one opponent Command AntiVirus, visit our Web site at site at or call us at

(800) 423-9147.



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