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Information provided courtesy of Frisk's shareware F-PROT documentation, version 2.25

The following instructions are from Frisk Software:

If you have FTP access, you can always get the most up-to date version of F-PROT by anonymous FTP from a number of sites. Our primary method of distribution is through SimTel, and all SimTel "mirror" sites should always carry an up-to-date version of F-PROT.

SimTel's primary mirror site is ftp.Coast.NET ( located in Detroit, Michigan, and there the program may be found in the directory /SimTel/msdos/virus.

The location of the package on other SimTel mirrors varies, but the directory usually is named something like:

Secondary SimTel mirror sites in the US include:
Concord, CA:
Urbana, IL:
Rochester, MI: OAK.Oakland.Edu:
St. Louis, MO:
Norman, OK:
Corvallis, OR:
Salt Lake City, UT:

Users outside the US should in general select the "closest" mirror site from the list below:
Australia: :
Czech Republic:
: :
: :
: :
Hong Kong:
New Zealand:
South Africa:
Slovak Republic:

In addition, F-PROT can also be found on:

FTP-Mailer Service

For people in remote corners of the world, without reliable FTP or WWW access, we offer the "F-PROT by E-mail" service.

To use this service, you MUST be able to handle multiple-part uu-, xx- or mime-encoded mail messages. Please do not waste your (and ours) time by using this service if you do not already have the software to decode such messages, and keep in mind that this service is intended for those who have no other alternative...that is, no FTP or WWW access.

To use this service you send an E-mail message to [email protected] This is an automated mail server. No human will see your message, and if it does not match the format described below, the mail server will just respond with a standard help message.

For now the following commands are accepted by the mail server.

Please note that the commands must be in the body of the message, not in the subject line or the header.

send-as: form
send-part: part_num
send-size: size_in_kilobytes
subscribe notice
unsubscribe notice
check notice
The 'send-as' command signifies the encoding that should be used in sending the file by E-mail. 'form' must be one of: 'uue', 'xxe' or 'mime'. If the 'send-as' command is 'mime', F-PROT will be sent as a MIME message with Content-Type: message/partial.

send-part: requests transmission of a specific part. You should only use this command if you are requesting re-transmission of a corrupted part.

send-size: requests that a specific size (in KB) is used for each part. The size must be between 20 and 60.

If the 'send-as' command is 'mime', F-PROT will be sent as a MIME message with Content-Type: message/partial.

send-version is used to check which version is currently available. Using "finger [email protected]" is a better method, however.


To get an uuencoded copy of the current version of F-PROT, send a message containing the following in the body to '[email protected]' :

send-as: uue

If for some reason, the 6th part of the transmission failed, you could send another message to '[email protected]' containing the following in the body:

send-as: uue
send-part: 6
To change the block size to about 20 Kilobytes, you could send a message to '[email protected]' containing the following in the body:
send-as: uue
send-size: 20
And if the 4th part of that transmission is lost, you could send the following message to '[email protected]':
send-as: uue
send-size: 20
send-part: 4
subscribe notice: Allows people to subscribe to a new version notice. Subscribers will then receive announcement in e-mail when new versions of F-PROT are available.

unsubscribe notice: Removes people from the new version notice list.

check notice: Sends back confirmation whether an address is subscribed or not.

Comments about this service should be addressed to: [email protected] Suggestions for improvements are welcomed.