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Definition/Signature File Updates

In our efforts to provide the most comprehensive virus protection possible, we are now offering signature file updates for macro viruses, as well as for boot sectors and program files. * A note to our multi-platform users: this single sign.def file can be used to update all platforms.
1. Fill in your Username and Password
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2. Choose the file you want to download
File List Description Date Updated
deffiles.exe Virus Signature Files for Command AntiVirus, version 4.5x 11-23-98
Not compatible with v4.5x
Macro Virus Signature File for Word 6/7 macro viruses used with Command's F-PROT Professional version 3.0 and higher, Command AntiVirus 4.0 and m@ilCOMMAND DLL dated after 8/15/97 and before 6/25/98. 8-27-98
macro97.exe Macro Virus Signature File for Word 8 (Office 97) macro viruses 8-11-98
Macro97C.exe For v4.0 component update users only, Macro Virus Signature File for Word 8 (Office 97) macro viruses 8-11-98
For version 4.01 and below only
Signature file for boot sectors and program files (W95, WNT, NetWare, Win 3.1x, m@ilCOMMAND) 1-30-98
3. Get the File 

Note: Updates of Command Software Systems products are available solely for registered customers. Username and password are required for access to product updates as well as the latest macro definition files. Your Command Care agreement entitles you to free updates of your licensed product(s) and the latest virus signatures. We encourage you to keep Command Software products current so that you will have the highest possible level of protection from virus threats.

  • Contact Command´┐Żs Customer Service Department to get your user name and password.
  • Contact your Sales Representative to subscribe to the Command Care program, (formerly referred to as maintenance).
  • Contact your Sales Representative to purchase Command Software products.

Please read About F-Macro to get important updating information before downloading. It provides specific guidelines for selecting the correct F-Macro file. Be sure that your Command Software products are updated and that you get the corresponding version of these F-Macro files.