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  1. Read About F-Macro
  2. Download F-Macro Read the information below first

Important F-Macro Update, 2/21/98

Time to Upgrade If You Have Not already
Our goal is to provide you with the most effective virus protection possible, which requires instant access to the latest virus signatures as they emerge. Since August, 1997, F-Macro and Macro.def had undergone a transition to a new format. This conversion period is complete. Beginning with version 4.0 all Command products now use the same version of F-Macro and Macro.def. NOTE: We will be phasing out the availability of Macro.def 2.27.2 with the release of Command AntiVirus 4.5.

Check Your Version Numbers
If you are not at version 4.0, it is time to upgrade. It is important that the version of your signature files matches that of your Command product(s), since the main scan engines utilize this file. Important: F-Macro and Macro.def must have the same version number and must correctly correspond with the core product for compatibility with the main scan engine. Please check which version of Command Software products you are running [see the "Help About" section of your program] and which version of F-Macro you currently have [Type "f-macro" at the command-line and the version number will be displayed].

Updating and Coordinating Version Numbers

Command AntiVirus Customers
Please update to current Command AntiVirus version 4.0(if you have not already). This version uses Macro.def version 2.27a for signature updating.

m@ilCOMMAND Customers
Update to m@ilCOMMAND virus scanner dated 1/29/98. This version uses F-Macro 2.27a for signature updating.

All about F-Macro
F-Macro is a DOS program which searches Word 6.x and 7.x document files for known Word macro viruses and disinfects them by disabling and overwriting the viral macros. F-Macro is able to parse the complex OLE2 file structure of Word document files, making it very fast and accurate. F-Macro also searches Excel, version 5.0 and above, .XL? files for the Laroux virus. This scanning and disinfection technology was developed by Command Software Systems, Inc. for Command's F-PROT Professional product line.

If you are running VxD-based background protection from Command AntiVirus, you will be notified on infected document files as soon as you try to open or copy them or when you are receiving documents, such as e-mail attachments or downloads from the Web. Disinfection can also be done in real-time for users of the Windows 95 product. A VxD-based solution provides significantly better protection than anti-virus systems relying on the Word macro language.