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How to Download Command Software Products

Having trouble connecting or downloading?

Regular updates to Command Software products are posted to our BBS and FTP sites. Users with access to these sites can use these machines themselves, or can use the web-based ftp interface available in the file downloads section to get their updates.

Please read the BBS-FTP Download Instructions before attempting to access files. Additional utilities, shareware and document files are also available to the registered user. You can join our mailing lists to get e-mail notification when new updates are available on through FTP and BBS.

WWW Download Procedure

To use your web browser to get updates, go to the File Downloads section of this web site. Or, connect directly to our FTP site using one of the following two methods:

Netscape Navigator

Replace "username" with your login ID in following line and type it into the URL box of Netscape Navigator.You will then be prompted for your password.

ftp://[email protected]

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Replace "username" with your login ID and "password" with your password, in following line and type it into the URL box of Microsoft Explorer.

ftp://username:[email protected]

FTP Download Procedure

FTP ACCESS NOTE: A user ID and password are required for the Command Software Systems FTP site. This FTP site provides access to the latest versions of our software without the expense of a long-distance call. Please contact your sales or tech support representative for more info.

  1. Execute your FTP software package. The next steps will be based on the very basic ftp client FTP.EXE which comes with MS Windows 95. If you are using another ftp package, the steps are similar; you should modify these instructions to match that program.

  2. From a DOS prompt, type:
    FTP ftp.commandcom.com [enter]
  3. Enter your user ID (different from your name) and your password, when prompted.

  4. Once you are connected, you will see an index listing the file library directories that are available. In most cases, you will be entering the "PRODUCTS" directory. To enter this directory, type:
    cd products [enter]
  5. You will see another index related to the type of product this is, such as if it a "COMMERCIAL" or "UTIL" product you have access to. Remember to use "CD" to "change directories".

  6. You will see one more index relating to the product platform. Depending on your access depends whether or not you can go into the "F-PROT" directory (for Command AntiVirus for DOS and Windows) or the F-PROT95 directory (for Command AntiVirus for Windows 95), etc.

  7. Once you enter a certain directory, a final index will appear listing the files available in that directory and descriptions of those files. If you would like to download a program, first type "BIN", for binary, and press enter. (Programs and images use binary transfer mode, text files use ASCII mode.)
  8. To download a file, type "GET" followed by the file name and press enter. For example:
     get f31x03c1.exe [enter]
  9. To disconnect from ftp.commandcom.com, type


  • The file 00index contains the index that normally comes up automatically when you change directories.

BBS Download Procedure

BBS ACCESS NOTE: Bulletin Board System (BBS) Command Software�s BBS uses WorldGroup's Galacticomm software. It can be accessed with a modem and local communications software. To do this:

  1. Execute your local communications package.
  2. Look at the package's settings to make sure 8, N, 1 (8 bit, non-parity, 1 stop bit) are set and flow control is off.
  3. Enter Command Software's BBS's phone number, 561-575-1281.
  4. "Dial" out to connect to Command Software's BBS.
  5. Once both computers have "hand shaked", you will be asked to enter your user ID (different than your name) and password.
  6. You now have several options to select from. At this point, you can enter " file libraries" ("L") in order to download or upload a file.
  7. Within file libraries, you will be prompted to enter into the specific library you are interested in. If you are not sure of its name, type "?" to see a list of the libraries that are available to you. Note: If you were not given access to a library, you will not see that product library.
  8. Once in a library, choose "find files within library" ("F"). Then, choose "F" again to "find files by name". To see " files within the current library", choose "C".
  9. Each file has a description next to it. Flag the file you would like to download by highlighting it and pressing the space bar.
  10. To download that file, enter "ALT-D". You may be asked to enter a particular transfer protocol; Z-modem is recommended.
  11. Once you are connected, you may want to download the file WG-MODEM located in the "main" library. This program is a GUI BBS client to use to connect to our BBS.