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Technical Communications

Command Software product documentation is available here. Below are brief descriptions of the types of documentation and additional resources offered on this site.

The manuals provide comprehensive instructions for installing and using the products and creating rescue disks. Each manual also contains a detailed section for system administrators.

Quick Start Guides
Our Quick Start guides are brief documents that provide instructions on how to get your Command Software product "up and running" in a matter of minutes.

The README files contain the latest information regarding product enhancements and functionality. In addition to downloading them from our Web site, README files are included with all of our shipped and downloadable products.

Please use our Suggestion Box to send us your comments and ideas regarding our product documentation and information. All suggestions are welcome!

Viewing Utilities
In the Download Viewing Utilities page, you can download free programs to view or manage the documents that you receive from our site. Currently, Microsoft Word Viewer and Adobe Acrobat Reader are available. Word Viewer lets you view the Microsoft Word documents that we provide - even if you do not use Microsoft Word. You can print and view documents using this program but all other functions are disabled. Adobe Acrobat Reader provides an additional way to view the document files we provide which are saved in PDF format. We offer these as alternatives to the HTML online versions.