Quick Start


CSS Central
CSS Central provides administrators with a centralized and intuitive
interface for administrating Command AntiVirus (CSAV) on multiple
platforms. CSS Central can administer CSAV for Windows NT, Windows 95
and Windows 98. It offers administrators improved productivity
and efficiency by providing a straightforward, easy-to-use mechanism
making modifications to CSAV from one location.
After a default installation, the files are located in
Program Files\Command Software\CSS Central. The name of the executable 
file for CSS Central is CCENTRAL.EXE. The communication services are 
located on the computer running CSS Central. In Windows NT, the service 
is CSS_1630.EXE and in Windows 95, the service is CSS_1631.EXE. The name 
of the service, as it appears in the Services applet of the Control Panel 
in Windows NT, is CSS Communication Agent.
CSS Central can be run on Windows NT server and workstation version
4.0 and above, Windows 95 and Windows 98.  Please note that you cannot
install CSS Central on versions of Windows NT prior to 4.0. However,
servers and workstations running NT 3.51 can be administered.
NT workstation has a limitation of 10 inbound connections that can
occur simultaneously (for more details see Article ID:Q122920 in the
Microsoft Knowledge Base). Since CSS Central operates primarily on
outbound connections this should not be an issue if run from a
workstation. However, depending upon your configuration, CSS Central
may experience problems connecting to NT workstations if the limit
is reached.
For scheduled downloads to occur, F-AGENT from version 4.51 or 
higher of Command AntiVirus must be active on the workstation that 
runs CSS Central.
Please read the Multi-Platform Quick Start Guide that is included with
the installation files. It provides installation instructions and an
overview of Command AntiVirus for all platforms and CSS Central.
To read the Multi-Platform Quick Start Guide, double-click the file
named MQCKST.EXE. The unzipped file is a Microsoft Word document.
Notes on CSS Central
If a leading forward slash is left out of the Configure FTP dialog's
Product Directory edit control, CSS Central will add the forward
slash automatically. This addresses failed downloads due to a missing
leading forward slash in the FTP path name.
A problem involving the  use of CSS Central product under Windows 95
has been fixed. The situation involved downloaded files being 
deployed to the BASEDIR folder rather than to a sub-folder of 
BASEDIR. The downloaded files now deploy to the proper folder.
Note that this problem was specific to Windows 95: it did not 
occur when using CSS Central under Windows NT.
If you are deploying Command AntiVirus version 4.52 via CSS Central,
we recommend that you first update to the latest version of CSS
Central. This will assure a smooth deployment process.
Two additional files accompany the installation - NTLDR.BAT and
NWLDR.BAT. They provide examples of how to automatically install
CSAV via a login script. NTLDR.BAT is for use with NT servers and
NWLDR.BAT for NetWare servers. These example script files are for
use by the 95/NT platforms.
The environment variables CSAVDIR and AUDDIR must be set to 
correctly specify (1) the path in which CSAV is installed and 
(2) the path to your auto-update directory containing _LOADER.EXE.
Please note that _LOADER.EXE must be copied manually from the 
CSS Central directory to the Automatic Update directory. 
Notes on CSS Central
When adding remote computers or workgroups to your system, the remote
computer(s) may be identified by name or by IP address.
CSS Central cannot deploy full product updates to computers that were
installed via a shared installation (setup netadmin).
NT installations require local administrator rights.  If your users do
not have these rights and you have not set the service account in CSS
Central, the loader program will fail when attempting to start setup.
If you are planning to use CSS-AMGR to establish a restricted account
for use as the service account, please ensure that it is run prior to
any attempts to execute the loader program to avoid installation
The cssftp.ini and the cssdwnld.log are deleted when CSAV is
uninstalled.  For CSS Central to continue to operate correctly on
this machine, you must re-enter the ftp info and download the files
again. This will be fixed in a future release.
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