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README FIRST!: Command AntiVirus with F-PROT Professional® for DOS

Command AntiVirus for OS/2
Command Software is proud to introduce Command AntiVirus Version 4.52
with our new HoloCheck(tm) scanning technology and CSS Central for true
centralized administration and development. Our HoloCheck scanning 
technology provides improved polymorphic virus detection and currently 
detects over 20,200 viruses.
Before installing or running Command AntiVirus for OS/2 for
the first time, please verify that your Command AntiVirus disks
are write-protected. 
If you suspect that your computer has a virus, follow these 
1.  Boot from a write-protected OS/2 bootable diskette.
2.  Insert the Command Anti-virus for OS/2 diskette.
3.  To run a scan for viruses, at the command line, type:
     CSAVOS2C /hard /disinf 
After installing Command AntiVirus, perform a manual scan of your local drives
to insure that your system is completely virus-free. This is especially important 
if you have not been running anti-virus software prior this.
For a list of international distributors of Command AntiVirus,
see the DISTRIB.TXT file.
In addition to the full version release of Command AntiVirus for OS/2,
we distribute updates that are available on our BBS, FTP and web
site. These updates include the changes from the last version 
released but are not the full product. Updates should not be
applied to versions more than one release behind the update
Presently, there is no documentation available for Command AntiVirus
for OS/2. However, you will find that Command AntiVirus for OS/2 
contains a graphical interface that is easy to use.
Command AntiVirus for OS/2 provides a 32-bit program and a command-line
Please visit our web site at or for 
white papers on Centralized Administration instructions for first-time
installations of CSAV version 4.52.
1. Insert the CD-ROM. 
2. Search the CD-ROM for the OS/2 directory.
3. Change to the OS/2 directory.
4. Double-click INSTALL.EXE or type INSTALL from a command-line.
5. Select the destination drive/path. There is a Browse button to aid you.
6. Click Ok to begin copying the files.
After installation, you can run the program using the CSAV for OS/2 icon.
NOTE: If you are using diskettes, insert Disk #1 into the A drive and run
Notes on Command AntiVirus for OS2 version 4.52
Users can now uninstall CSAV for OS/2 by clicking on the product's 
new Uninstall icon.  If you choose to uninstall, we recommend that you 
reboot your system after doing so.
The quarantine and remove processes have been optimized for faster
None for this release.
None for this release.
Notes on Command AntiVirus for OS2 Version 4.51
Command AntiVirus boasts our HoloCheck(tm) scanning technology,
providing the most up-to-date virus protection. The most important
benefits of this technology are: 
  *  Simplified updates. You can now update the SIGN.DEF and 
     Macro.def files (which contain the most current virus signatures) 
     without reinstalling all of the components. This method adds 
     speed and efficiency to the new version of Command AntiVirus.
  *  Superior polymorphic virus detection. CSAV now offers 
     unparalleled protection and elimination of polymorphic viruses 
     including the dreaded Morphine, Anxiety and Spanska.
  *  Scanning of embedded (OLE) documents. Not only do we scan 
     documents, but if an infected document is embedded in an Excel 
     spreadsheet or PowerPoint document, Command AntiVirus will catch 
     it and save you from becoming infected.
  *  Support for nested zip files.
Currently, CSS Central does not support OS2.
Command Software Systems has greatly expanded its technical support to
include a variety of electronic services. You may contact us at any one
of the following:
Command Software Systems, Inc.
1061 E. Indiantown Rd., Suite 500
Jupiter, FL  33477
     Voice: 561/575-3200 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.
     Fax: 561/575-3026
     BBS: 561/575-1281
     CIS: 75300,3645 (Type GO PCVENF at any CIS ! prompt. We're in section 9.)
Internet: [email protected], [email protected]
World Wide Web:
In Europe contact:
Command Software Systems, Inc. 
UK Branch
Ground Floor	
Millbank Tower
London SW1P 4QP
   Voice: +44 171 931-9301
     Fax: +44 171 931-9302
     BBS: +44 171 931-9303
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