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Command AntiVirus™ with F-PROT Professional® for DOS

List Price: $49.95 (Domestic Purchases Only)
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Command AntiVirus with F-PROT Professional for DOS offers comprehensive, easy to use anti-virus protection for the DOS environment. Command AntiVirus identifies all virus types, providing active scanning for known and unknown viruses. You do not have to be an experienced user to take full advantage of the protection offered by Command AntiVirus.


System Requirements
One-step installation and updating
Continual updates of the latest virus signatures provide up-to-the-minute protection
Scans for thousands of known viruses and variants
Scans for unknown viruses using heuristic analysis
Scans for boot sector viruses, file viruses, macro viruses, polymorphic viruses and Trojan Horses
Scans hard drives, diskettes, network drives, directories and specific files
Scans user-defined strings, compressed files and documents
Prevents infected programs from running
Command line version allows pre-emptive scanning on boot, without user intervention
Safely removes viruses without damaging the original file
Removes multiple viruses from infected programs
Several removal options, including automatic disinfection
A comprehensive virus library of known viruses identifies virus type and origin of virus infection
Transparent functionality offers protection without disruption

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