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The NEW Command AntiVirus® with HoloCheck™ Technology

NEW Scan Engine With HoloCheck Technology
Fast and Effective
Includes Virus Signature Updates
Detects 100% of Viruses In the Wild
Industry-Leading Detection of
Macro and Polymorphic Viruses
New "Set and Forget" Administration
Easy Installation
Intuitive User Interface
Complete, Single Point Control
Year 2000 Compliant
Windows 98 Compliant
Command Care Customer Service and Support

The NEW Command AntiVirus with HoloCheck Technology

Command Software Systems new Command AntiVirus is a major new version of its popular anti-virus software. Serving multiple platforms in one package, the new Command AntiVirus features a redesigned, state-of-the-art scan engine designed to track down and disinfect today�s new generation of viruses, as well as CSS Central, a revolutionary centralized deployment and administration system.

Scan Engine
Our new search engine, combining the speed and effectiveness of Holocheck technology represents years of ground-breaking research. The new engine is designed to detect and disinfect new viruses, such as macro viruses in Office 95 and Office 97, and provides industry leading performance against polymorphic viruses - dangerous because of their ability to change on different PCs and on every access.

Multi-Platform Protection
Command AntiVirus answers the demand for a cost-effective, easy-to-use anti-virus solution that can be installed in multi-platform environments. Command AntiVirus now bundles comprehensive client virus protection for Windows 95 & 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, OS/2 and DOS on one CD-ROM, thus making site-licenses easier to administer for Command�s corporate customers. Versions of Command AntiVirus for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange will also be available soon.

CSS Central
Command AntiVirusincludes CSS Central, the revolutionary new rapid deployment and administration feature with intuitive GUI screens, which streamlines installation and complete control management functions. Security systems administrators will enjoy a system which enforces corporate anti-virus policy while drastically reducing the total cost of ownership of anti-virus software.

Command AntiVirus protects against 100% of viruses In the Wild, and is internationally certified by: